Research is the base  for making assessment of progress of  on going programmes  and planning future schemes,

Objectives : 

Collecting statistical Data regarding services / programmes of on-going schemes for evaluation and planning future schemes.

Planning and conducting Research survey / study in Social Welfare Field.

Compilation of information collected through progress report of officers in the field or through Research / Survey.

Preparing consolidated reports and submits it to higher officers.

Pointing out important / special features after going through progress reports of officer working in the field.

Issuing letters / progormas / reminders to various officers for information or progress reports.

To put up News cutting / other information to higher officers when necessary.

 Future Plan : 

Survey collection of data.

To keep records of all services / programme of Provincial Coordinator of Social Welfare.

Preparation of long term, short term and mid term plan.

All the District Officers, Social Welfare shall nominate focal person Deputy District Officer at the Taluka level to monitor reports and electronic media on violence on following social issues.

    1. Women issues
    2. Child Abuse
    3. Disability
    4. Health issue
    5. Karokari
    6. Education