The P& MC of Directorate of Social Welfare was established in the year 1989 – 90 with the following objectives :-

  1. Preparation of PC-I for New Schemes
  2. To prepare A.D.P. for ongoing and New Scheme.
  3. To prepare five year plans.
  4. Completion reports of the Schemes.
  5. Monitoring and supervision of on-going schemes as well as the new schemes at   different stages of implementation of schemes.
  6. To arrange meeting of DDWP / PSDP and to attend meeting of P&D Department
  7. To prepare evaluation reports.
  8. To take action according to evaluation reports.
  9. Keep complete record of programmes / services of Cell.

It is pertinent to mention that after devolution plan except assets (Buildings) all services / programmes of Social Welfare devolved to District Government, in Sindh. All the Provincial Level proposal of new Schemes and 5 year plan for the newly created District were regretted by the P&D Department, Government of Sindh.

Further added that the Planning Monitoring Cell of Social Welfare during the year 2006 was given under the supervision of Deputy Director-(PDMI&EC), Culture, Tourism and Social Welfare Department and all the record, files, Computer set machinery were also handed over to Deputy Director-(PDMI&EC), Culture, Tourism and Social Welfare Department. 

Unfortunately, A fire incident was occurred in a portion of Block. 79 in which all the above stated record were destroyed of the P&MC of the Social Welfare, therefore, no information of the P&M Cell is available.

Now, by the Grace of Allah, with great attachment of the present Government to uplift the standard of the common people, elimination of poverty and mitigation of the poverty stricken masses, New development schemes under the Directives of Chief Minister / Minister Social Welfare have been included in the ADP. 

Besides the above, this cell is  also working on other Development Schemes which are proposed by the Hon'ble Minister Social Welfare are under process. 


ADP 2023-24

Finance Department Releases / Expenditures of Development Schemes