Social Welfare Training Institute is a technical arm of the Social Welfare Department, Government of Sindh which was established in July 1971 to be an innovator of training programmes in field of Social Welfare. The vision of SWTI is to provide effective training for social work practitioners, equipping them with the skills necessary to meet the professional challenges. The Institute is engaged in the field of training and development in a wide variety of programmes designed to contribute to the effective functioning of the departmental staff and social welfare professionals. In addition to the training activities, workshops and seminars are also organized for information dissemination and awareness raising.


Directorate of Social Welfare established Social Welfare Training Institute with following objectives:

  1. Provide In-Service Training to the employees of the Directorate of the Social Welfare to increase their operational efficiency.
  2. Offer suitable training to policy makers and administrators / executives of Social Welfare Agencies both in public and private sectors for the development and improvement of their programmes and services.
  3. Extend training facilities to other governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged directly or indirectly in Social Welfare a
  4. Analyze field experiences to synthesize them with changing concepts and practices of social development.
  5. Educate social leadership and communities to bring behavioural change through group discussions (workshop, seminars, conferences, panel discussion etc.) and other methods with the help of print or electronic media.
  6. Make consultative services available to Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and their personnel.


For translating the above quoted objectives into reality, a specific system of training is developed and being implemented by the team headed by the Principal, Social Welfare Training Institute.


Training opportunities are made available mostly to the personnel of following categories;

  • Nominees of the Directorate of Social Welfare, Sindh.
  • Office-bearers and members and staff of Non-Governmental Organizations.
  • Nominees of Line Department and Local Bodies who directly or indirectly play a role in field of social welfare


An annual training planner is prepared and approved every year.


Course contents are designed individually for each group in consideration of:

  1. the objectives of the specific training;
  2. the job description of the participants;
  3. their capacity to comprehend;
  4. the duration, the trainees are spared for, and;

It may, however, be mentioned that major emphasis is laid on practical orientation.


The institute possesses quite a few training aids and is equipped with qualified human resource. They make use of the teaching aids and adopt a healthy blend of the following methods:

  1. Lecture,
  2. Individual, counselling,
  3. Tutorial,
  4. Role play,
  5. Case Study,
  6. Assignments,
  7. Group discussions, I Conference, Seminars, Workshop etc.),
  8. Observation/Study Visits,
  9. Field placements,
  10. Reporting, 

Soft and hard copies of presentations given and other training material used are provided to the trainees/participants for their reference.


Since Social Development, is a multi-dimensional process, expert guidance from various disciplines is naturally required. The experts are identified and requested for seeking their expert guidance whenever required for the benefit of the trainees to in frame the course-contents as wells as tackling pertinent topics.


The Institute’s facilities include followings:

  1. Library
  2. Hostel to provide boarding and lodging facility for trainees (if required).
  3. Auditorium
  4. Class Room