The Sindh Social Welfare Council was constituted by the Government of Sindh in January, 1971.  Before this Social Welfare Councils were functioning in the former Provinces of East and West Pakistan since 1956.  A Council, known as the National Council of Social Welfare is also working at the Federal level.

There are more than 6500 voluntary social welfare agencies in Sindh and only about 200-250 agencies of good standing get grant-in-aid from the National Council of Social Welfare/Sindh Social Welfare Council every year.   Besides providing grant-in-aid to voluntary social welfare agencies from its funds and performing other functions, the Sindh Social Welfare Council has also been implementing the programmes and projects of the National Council of Social Welfare, Islamabad.  It includes processing of applications for financial assistance from the funds of the National Council of Social Welfare, organizing seminars/conferences/workshops and evaluating the programmes of the aided voluntary social welfare agencies etc.

Some of the important functions assigned to the Council are as under:- 

a)          to formulate and implement plans and policies for promotion of social welfare work; 

b)          to render financial aid, when necessary, to deserving organization or institution on terms to be prescribed by the Council; 

c)           to educate the public in problems of social welfare and to get their co-operation in solving these problems;

d)          to render advice to Government on social welfare.


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